We are not just another personal training studio. We are so much more. 

Why are we different? We take a very detailed approach with a full staff and team effort to support you during your fitness journey! The iBody Power of Five Program is designed to train, support and believe in you. 

Here at iBody, what we really pursue is beyond weight loss and fitness training. Our goal is changing your lifestyle and it needs more than just workout sessions. Our program brings all the necessary factors together by creating a complete 5 step process that supports your lifestyle journey. 

By providing you with the expertise and ongoing support you will not get lost or discouraged. Your goal may have seemed impossible when you tried before by yourself. However, when all us are working toward the same goal, the results will amaze you. The Power of Five Program is revolutionary! 

Let’s walk through the Power of Five and how it works with you…

Power of Five Personal Training Client

Step 1) You

It Starts and Begins with You. You are the center of the Power of Five. When you commit to the program the process of a life style change has begun. 

Power of Five Daily Personal Trainer

Step 2) Training

Our Staff of Fitness Professionals has over a combined 25+ years of industry knowledge. With an emphasis of Cardio, Core and Strength training we have truly perfected the full body workout that targets stubborn fat and gets you feeling healthier in a safe and comfortable manner.

Power of Five Nutrition

Step 3) Nutritionist

We are ready to offer great options to fuel your journey. Tired of the boring diet food? We want you to eat right, but understand you may need support. We have menus, shopping list and even food that is delivered fresh for convenience. As you progress, the need to change your nutrition program will too. 

Power of Five Online Personal Trainer

Step 4) Personal Fitness Assistant

Your Fitness Asst. will schedule your sessions and your nutrition appointments along with meal and supplement orders. The Personal Fitness Assistant is also in charge of your online and smart phone app. Any question or support you need, just contact your Personal Fitness Asst. 

Power of Five Master Wellness Coach

Step 5) Master Wellness Coach.

It’s not all about working out and eating broccoli, we want to ensure you remain focused, motivated and making continues progress. The Master Wellness Coach makes sure the program is on track and you are well taken care. 

This is the Power of Five. 4 professional experts ready to train, support and believe in you! Become the center of our Focused Expertise and let’s start this journey today!