Do you feel more comfortable with the idea of In-Home and/or Office Personal Training?

Do you find going back and forth to a local gym and waiting for your turn at a machine as an inefficient way to improve your health and lifestyle?

Being fit and healthy is crucial in everyday life both personally and professionally. Finding time or the perfect schedule to start is difficult with so much demand!  You have too much to do and can’t get to the gym to work out! Does this is sound like your fitness plan that never was?

Let us bring our expertise, knowledge and motivation to you! Our on-site personal trainers are certified and dedicated professionals that will come to you with the necessary equipment and game plan that support your goals!

Why have a professional come to you? Professionals ensure safety, accountability, motivation and results! I don't do my own taxes or plumbing. I hire professional accountants and contractors. I get the best people, so I have peace of mind and this allows me to focus on my profession. This is the same thing.

The most successful people surround themselves with the best. No one has ever accomplished greatness without support.  So I challenge you, don’t sacrifice your health due to complacency! Investing in yourself is the best investment one can make.


Frequently Asked Questions for In Home / Office Personal Training

I'm interested in iBody's On-Site Personal Training. What's my next step?

Contact us and we will schedule a meet and greet. The iBody Evolution Training Director and lead trainer will come to your location, conduct an initial consultation, inventory of equipment, space evaluation for training and complete all necessary documents.

Who will be my trainer? Can I pick my trainer?

We will assign a primary trainer for you based on your goals and needs. The Training Director will determine the best match based on our in depth fitness and wellness questionnaire.

How about safety and privacy (background checks)?

Our on-site certified trainers are screened and put through industry standard background checks to ensure the upmost safety and assurance.

Can I have a couple / group training? (For example, husband and wife)

We do train groups of two or up to five. Please notify us about the need to train more than one client.

Are all personal trainers certified? 

All iBody personal trainers are industry level certified and additionally iBody certified to ensure proper techniques and practices are to standard.

What fitness equipment do I need to have?

Standard equipment is provided by iBody. A list of additional equipment can be recommended based on initial consultation and ongoing basis.

What is training schedule like?

On-Site Personal Training is available between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The details including frequency and a session period will be decided after an initial consultation.

How much does On-Site Personal Training cost?

Prices and packages are uniquely designed for the client. We only charge for the sessions. The travel, iBody equipment and ongoing support such as iBody Health and Fitness Assessment are all included at no additional charge.

What other services do you offer in addition to personal training?

Food and Nutrition are offered. As part of a healthy lifestyle change we offer access to our exclusive pricing of gourmet style prepared meals. Your personal trainer will deliver the ordered meals on the first training session of the week.

Are you ready to take your first step to the healthier lifestyle? Call us now at (817) 600-2011 or email us at You can also message us at Contact Us page.

Please, take a look at what our clients are saying about their lifestyle change experience with iBody. Click here to see testimonials.

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